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Uke 3

Brothel: Susanne Sundfør

Privateering: Mark Knopfler

Absolute Monroes: The Monroes

Best Of TSW: The September When

Senior: Röyksopp

Junior: Röyksopp

Melody A.M.: Röyksopp

Budapest Live: Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Orchestral Manouevres in the dark: O.M.D.

Understanding: Röyksopp

Tracker: Mark Knopfler

Wag the dog (soundtrack): Mark Knopfler

Unknown pleasures: Joy Division

Cal (soundtrack): Mark Knopfler

Junk culture: O.M.D.

Architecture & Morality: O.M.D.

Get lucky: Mark Knopfler

Body talk: Robyn

Missing... Presumed having a good time: The Notting Hillbillies

Uke 2

Delta machine: Depeche Mode

Some great reward: Depeche Mode

Counterparts: Rush

Moving pictures: Rush

Playing the angel: Depeche Mode

Songs of faith and devotion: Depeche Mode

Sounds of then universe: Depeche Mode

Body talk: Robyn

101: Depeche Mode

Spirit: Depeche Mode

Music for the masses: Depeche Mode

Discotrax: Depeche Mode

Love in itself - mini album: Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode (bootleg): Depeche Mode

Everything counts - mini album: Depeche Mode

Points on the curve: Wang Chung

Wamer side of cool: Wang Chung

To Live and Die In L.A.: Wang Chung

Hits: REO Speedwagon

Warmer side of cool: Wang Chung

Best of: Real Thing

Uke 1

Warmer Side Of Cool: Wang Chung

Eagles: The Eagles

Hold Me In Your Arms: Rick Astley

Unknown pleasures: Joy Division

Mystery girl: Roy Orbison

Lisa Gerrard: Lisa Gerrard

Twisted Tenderness: Electronic

Best Of: Joy Division

Free: Rick Astley

Best of: Buddy Holly

Closer: Joy Divsion

Ultimate Collection 1: The Plattters

Complete: Eric Clapton

Electronic: Electronic

Platinum Collection: The Beat

Greatest hits: Whitney Houston

Best of: The Pogues

Greatest Hits: America


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