Spilte plater siste uke:

Uke 40

Tug of war: Paul McCartney

Pipes of Peace: Paul McCartney

Flowers in the dirt: Paul McCartney

Joshua tree: U2

Waylon live: Waylon Jennings

Staring at the sun: Level 42

A Blues for Buddha: The Silencers

A Letter from St. Paul: The Silencers

Building the perfect beast: Don Henley

Reckoning: R.E.M.

Principle of moments: Robert Plant

From the new world: Alan Parsons

Amerika: Mods

Very best of: The Stone Roses

Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin

Best of: Kansas

Sin after sin: Judas Priest

Secret: Alan Parsons

Body talk: Robyn

First comes the night: Chris Isaak

Brave: Marillion

Afraid of sunlight: Marillion

Marillion.com: Marillion

Raw like Sushi: Neneh Cherry

Battlestar galactica: Giorgio Moroder

Scarface (soundtrack): Giorgio Moroder

Imagine: Eva Cassidy

Uke 39

Truthdare doubledare: Bronski Beat

Red: The Communards

Very best of: Patsy Cline

Songbird: Eva Cassidy

First comes the night: Chris Isaak

Alchemy: Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force

Bad girls: Donna Summer

Greatest hits (and more): Juice Newton

Happiness not included: Soft Cell

Legend of Robin Hood: Chris de Burgh

Day-glo: Erasure

Future Past: Duran Duran

From the new world: Alan Parsons

Neon: Erasure

Trespass: Genesis

Heartaches & Highways - Very best of: Emmylou Harris

Best of: Nazareth

Greatest hits: Pointer Sisters

Uke 38

Double fantasy: John Lennon & Yoko Ono

At last: Cyndi Lauper

Eva by Heart: Eva Cassidy

Queen is dead: The Smiths

Strangeways, here we come: The Smiths

Smiths: The Smiths

Future past: Duran Duran

From the new world: Alan Parsons

Day-Glo: Erasure

Neon: Erasure

Happiness is not included: Soft Cell

Legend of Robin Hood: Chris de Burgh

Uke 37

Meat is murder: The Smiths

World won't listen: The Smiths

People get moving - the best of: Tomboy

Kite: Kirsty MacColl

Break like the wind: Spinal Tap

Meet: Danny Wilson

From here to Eternity: Giorgio Moroder

If you're feeling sinister: Belle and Sebastian

Flogging a dead horse: Sex Pistols

Deja-vu: Giorgio Moroder

Forever dancing: Giorgio Moroder

Call of the search: Katie Melua

Platinum collection: Hothouse Flowers

Uke 36

Trouble: Sailor

Rock'n roll music: The Beatles

Beatles '65: The Beatles

Third step: Sailor

Complete: Silver Beatles

A collection of Beatles oldies: The Beatles

Greatest: The Beatles

How to be a Zillionaire: ABC*

Checkpoint: Sailor

Uke 35

Collection: Annie Lennox

Six Ribbons: Jon English

Best of: Maggie Reilly

Hero Hero: Judas Priest

A real live dead one: Iron Maiden

Stained Class: Judas Priest

Best of... Part 1: Uriah Heep

Ark: Ark

Somewhere back in time - the best of 1980-1989: Iron Maiden

happy together: Leningrad cowboys

Fire & Ice: yngwie Malmsteen

Tony Harnell & The Wildflowers: Tony Harnell & The Wildflowers

Uke 34

Mongolian barbeque: Leningrad Cowboys

Triumph or agony: Rhapsody of fire

Ghost opera: Kamelot

Live in Madrid: TNT

Alive III: Kiss

Best of: Queensÿche

Love Gun: Kiss

Bete Noire: Bryan Ferry

Bitter sweet: Bryan Ferry and his orchestra

Boys and girls: Bryan Ferry

About face: David Gilmour

Dark side of the moon: Pink Floyd

Singles: Alison Moyet

Replay - the best of: Return

Intimate moments april 12th 2002: Midge Ure

Radiosongs: Rypdal Tekrø

Lone justice: Lone Justicr

Corey Hart: Corey Hart

So long Marianne: Leonard Cohen

Sound of summer: Diverse

Uke 33

But seriously, folks....: Joe Walsh

Ring of changes: Barclay James Harvest

Primitive man: Icehouse

A woofer in Tweeter's clothing: Sparks

Nostradamus: Nikolo Kotzev m.fl.

Uke 32

Super hits: Molly Hatchet

Hurry up, we're dreaming: M83

Worlds greatest summer hits: Diverse

Platinum collection: Gary Moore

Greatest hits - live: Mama's and the papa's

Viva Italia: Diverse

Phenomena 1: Phenomena

Phenomena 2: Phenomena

Høy og mørk - de beste: Ole I'Dole

Brand new morning: Magnum

Travellers in time: Uriah Heep

Massive luxury overdose: Army of lovers

Live - from Chaos to eternity: Rhapsody of fire

Let's Dance: David Bowie

Uke 31

Very best of: The Byrds

GP: Gram Parsons

Grievous angel: Gram Parsons

Balance: Van Halen

Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden

Masser af succes: Gasolin

Justice for Hillsborough: Diverse

Rock the Night: Europe

Essential: Eric Carmen

Viva Italia: Diverse

Det e langt å gå til Royal Albert Hall: Åge Aleksandersen

Rising: Rainbow

Back from the Dead: Spinal Tap

Future Picture: Ultravox

Night Castle: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Andrew Lloyd Webber collection: Sarah Brightman

Uke 30

Tomorrow may be vanished: Prudence

Forever Young: Alphaville

Sheik Yerbouti: Frank Zappa

Secret Voyage: Blackmore's Night

Greatest hits of the 80's - 8CD Box 1: Diverse

Greatest hits of the 80's - 8CD Box 2: Diverse

Greatest hits of the 80's - 8CD Box 3: Diverse

Greatest hits of the 80's - 8CD Box 4: Diverse

Greatest hits of the 80's - 8CD Box 5: Diverse

Greatest hits of the 80's - 8CD Box 6: Diverse

Greatest hits of the 80's - 8CD Box 7: Diverse

Greatest hits of the 80's - 8CD Box 8: Diverse

Uke 29

Icehouse: Icehouse

Burn the sun: Ark

Minutes and seconds - live: Alison Moyet

Minutes: Alison Moyet

Hometime: Alison Moyet

Voice: Alison Moyet

Turn Alison Moyet

Hoodoo: Alison Moyet

Transform: Howard Jones

Essex: Alison Moyet

Aja: Steely Dan

Uke 28

Hats: The Blue Nile

Breaking glass (soundtrack): Hazel O'Connor

Alf: Alison Moyet

Who you're fighting for?: UB40

Don't look back: Boston

Transform: Howars Jones

Hot potatoes - the best of: Devo

Essential: Eric Carmen

Classic: Glenn Frey

Tipping point: Tears For Fears

Best of: Kansas

Best of: Alan Parsons Project

Actual miles - Greatest hits: Don Henley

Hello Dad I'm in Jail: Was (Not Was)

Icehouse: Flowers

Love in motion: Icehouse

Sidewalk: Icehouse

Measure for Measure: Icehouse

Airborn: Mike Oldfield

Cover plus: Hazel O'Connor

Scheherazade: Renaissance

Uke 27

Very best of: Lobo

Happy in Hell: The Christians

Voyager: Mike Oldfield

Prodigal sons: The Christians

A's & B's: Hue aqnd Cry

Christians: The Christians

Colour: The Christians

Homegrown: UB40

Box 1: Depeche Mode

Box 2: Depeche Mode

Box 3: Depeche Mode

Box 4: Depeche Mode

Box 5: Depeche Mode

Box 6: Depeche Mode

Geffery Morgan...: UB40

Stars crash down: Hue and Cry

New life in the Netherlands: Depeche Mode

Tipping Point: Tears for Fears

Uke 26

Remote: hue and Cry

Bang! The Greatest hits of: Frankie goes to Hollywood

Love songs: UB40

Showtime!: Hue and Cry

Bitter suite: Hue and Cry

Seduced and abandoned: Hue and Cry

Welcome to the Pleasuredome: Franie goes to Hollywood

Great British songs: Ali Campbell

Forever Changes: Love

Cass John Michelle Dennie: Mamas and the Papas

Big love: Ali Campbell

Da Capo: Love

She comes in Colors: Love

Love: Love

Uke 25

Chain 1: Fleetwood Mac

Chain 2: Fleetwood Mac

Chain 3: Fleetwood Mac

Chain 4: Fleetwood Mac

Sounds of the universe: Depeche Mode

Delta Machine: Depeche Mode

Fundamental: Mental as anything

Spirit: Depeche Mode

Dream into action: Howard Jones

Undertones: Undertones

Uke 24

Playing the angel: Depeche Mode

Exciter: : Depeche Mode

Ultra: Depeche Mode

Songs of faith and devotion: Depeche Mode

Violator: Depeche Mode

Black celebration: Depeche Mode

Some great reward: Depeche Mode

Construction time again: Depeche Mode

A Broken frame: Depeche Mode

Speak and Spell: Depeche Mode

Guitars: Mike Oldfield

Tubular Bells III: Mike Oldield

Heaven's open: Mike Oldfield

Odes: Vangelis & Irene Papas

QE2: Mike Oldfield

Night of a thousand candles: The Men They couldn't hang

How green is the valley: The Men they couldn't hang

Short stories: Vangelis & Jon Anderson

Music of Cosmos (soundtrack): Vangelis

Spiral: Vangelis

Heaven and Hell: Vangelis

Music for the massed: Depeche Mode

Uke 23

Private collection: Jon and Vangelis

Rosetta: Vangelis

Chariots of fire: Vangelis

Albedo 0.39: Vangelis

City: Vangelis

Dragon: Vangelis

Direct: Vangelis

Soil Festivities: Vangelis

Blade Runner: Vangelis

Alexandra (soundtrack): Vangelis

Voices: Vangelis

1492 (soundtrack): Vangelis

Invisibile connections: Vangelis

Beaubourg: Vangelis

Earth: Vangelis

Ignacio: Vangelis

Episodes: Mike Oldfield

Platinum: Mike Oldfield

Mike Oldfield's wonderland: Mike Oldfield

Impressions: Mike Oldfield

1984 Suite: Mike Oldfield

Exposed: Mike Oldfield

Legend: Clannad

Uncovered: John Farnham

Uke 22

Oceanic: Vangelis

Mask: Vangelis

L'Apocalypse des Animaux: Vangelis

El Greco: Vangelis

Friends of Mr. Cairo: Jon and Vangelis

Mythodea: Vangelis

La Fete Sauvage: Vangelis

Rapsodies: Vangelis

Opera Sauvage: Vangelis

Sex Power: Vangelis

Antarctica: Vangelis

China: Vangelis

See you later: Vangelis

Prmises and lies: UB40

Gold: Ryan Adams

Lil' Beethoven: Sparks

Easy Tiger: Ryan Adams

Come down: The Dandy Warhols

Welcome to the monkey house: The Dandy Warhols

Uke 21

Odditorium: The Dandy Warhols

Heartbreaker: Ryan Adams

Demolition: Ryan Adams

Ashes & Fire: Ryan Adams

Fuzzy: Grant Lee Buffalo

Gold mother: James

Cardinology: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

Hey Ma: James

Pleased to meet you: James

Seven: James

Uke 20

Girl at the end of the world: James

Strip-Mine: James

Whiplash: James

Stutter: James

Laid: James

Rat in the kitchen: UB40

Labour of love II: UB40

Millionaries: James

Uncovered: John Farnham

Silver town: The Men they couldn't hang

Labour of love: UB40

Uke 19

Odessa: Bee Gees

Mellow gold: Beck

Storyteller: Secret Garden

Voyage: ABBA

Lil' Beethoven: Sparks

Technique: New Order

Doors are open: Picnic at the whitehouse

Uppdrag i Geneve: Lustans Lakejer

Relics: Pink Floyd

Cutting Corners: Secret Service

Shove it: The Cross

Ye Si Ca: Secret Service

Shaddap you face: Joe Dolce

Primitive man: Icehouse

Look sharp: Roxette

X: Inxs

UB40: UB40

Waiting for Bonaparte: The Men they couldn't hang

Uke 18

A Passion Play: Jethro Tull

Is this the life we really want?: Roger Waters

Radio KAOS: Roger Waters

Storyteller: Secret Garden

Welcome to the neighbourhood: Meat Loaf

Couldn't have said it better: Meat Loaf

Morning Phase: Beck

Bat out of hell III - The Monster is loose: Meat Loaf

Voyage: ABBA

Bat out of Hell II: Meat Loaf

Shine: Frida

Bat out of hell: Meat Loaf

Moving mountains: Justin Hayward

Blind before I stop: Meat Loaf

Dead ringer: Meat Loaf

Something's going on: Frida

Meat Loaf: Meat Loaf

Midnight at the lost and found: Meat Loaf

Bad attitude: Meat Loaf

Big area.: Then Jerico

it's all in the game: Nena

Uke 17

Prime cuts: Meat Loaf

Hitlist UK No.1's 1978: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1979: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1980: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1980 II: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1998 II: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1981: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1982: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1983: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1984: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1985 I: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1969: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1970: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1974: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1971: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1973: Diverse

Queit is the new loud: Kings of Convenience

Uke 16

Songwriter: Justin Hayward

Hitlist UK No.1's 1968: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1977: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1975: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1976: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1967: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1966: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1965: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1963: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1959: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1953: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1952: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1958: Divers

Hitlist UK No.1's 1957: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1956: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1964: Diverse

Hitlist UK No.1's 1954: Diverse

Mutiations: Beck

Guero: Beck

Odelay: Beck

Sea Change: Beck

Absolute Music 17: Diverse

Absolute Music 18: Diverse

Absolute Music 19: Diverse

Absolute Music 6: Diverse

Absolute Music 7: Diverse

Come on feel: The Lemonheads

Just the two of us: Secret Garden

Absolute Music 9: Diverse

Uke 15

Earthsongs: Secret Garden

Live at Kilden: Secret Garden

Absolute Italiana: Diverse

Inside I'm singing: Secret Garden

Absolute Music 11: Diverse

Absolute Music 10: Diverse

Absolute Music 12: Diverse

Absolute Music 13: Diverse

Absolute Music 14: Diverse

Absolute Music 15: Diverse

Absolute Music 16: Diverse

Det året det var så bratt: Øystein Sunde

Magnetic heaven: Wax

Octave: The Moody Blues

American English: Wax

Out of this world: The Moody Blues

Uke 14

Present: The Moody Blues

Celebrate the bullet: The Selecter

Go West: Go West

Hand cut: Bucks FIzz

Changesonebowie: David Bowie

Changestwobowie: David Bowie

Homosapien: Pete Shelley

Rich and famous: Blue Mercedes

Romancing in the dark: Freiheit

All that Jazz: Breathe

Hired history: Fiat Lux

London 0 Hull 4: The Housemartins

Tin Drum: Japan

Joy: Paul King

Songs to remember: Scritti Politti

Despite straight lines: Marilyn

Obscure alternatives: Japan

1234: Propaganda

To Live and Die in L.A.: Wang Chung

King of hearts: Roy Orbison

Best of: Hanne Boel

Through the years: Kenny Rogers

Shooting rubberbands at the stars: Edie Brickell & New Bohemians

Red headed stranger: Willie Nelson

Uke 13

Original soundtrack: S'Express

Splash: Clive Langer & The Boxes

Heyday: The Church

Pop goes the world: Men without hats

Force Majeure: Tangerine Dream

White eagle: Tangerine Dream

Reel life: Boy meets girl

Duets: Ane Brun

Riverdance - music from the show: Bill Whelan

Origin of Symmetry: Muse

Electricity: Captain Beefheart

American IV: Ain't No Grave: Johnny Cash

Wednesday Morning 3 A.M.: Simon & Garfunkel

Members edition: Burl Ives

Greatest hits collection: Alan Jackson

Vær sær: Tre små kinesere

World Mix: Deep Forest

Raoul and the king of Spain: Tears for Fears

Bästa: Cornelis Wreeswijk

Lizzy killers: Thin Lizzy

Uke 12

American VI: Ain't no grave: Johnny Cash

Shooting rubberbands at the stars: Edie Brickell & New Bohemians

Used songs: Tom Waits

VU: Velvet Underground

Den ständiga resan: Marie Fredriksson

Best of: Hanne Boel

Southside: Texas

Absolution: Muse

Dirty hits: Primal Scream

Tempest: Bob Dylan

Best of: Nik Kershaw

Pacifique: Deep Forest

Comparsa: Deep Forest

Deep Forest: Deep Forest

World mix album: Dao Dezi

Music.detected_: Deep forest

Boheme: Deep forest

Splash: Clive Langer & The Boxes

A wild romance: The Twins

Footlose (soundtrack): Diverse

Breathtaking blue: Alphaville

Hunter: Blondie

Official secrets act: M

Uke 11

Resistance: Muse

Gold: Commodores

Frantic romantic: Jermaine Stewart

Future Shock: Herbie Hancock

Hit Factory: Stock, Aitken & Waterman

Greatest hits & More: Kool & The Gang

Hullabaloo soundtracks: Muse

Black holes & Revelation: Muse

Working hour - An introduction to: Tears for fears

Saturine Martial & Lunatic: Tears for Fears

Mi Tierra: Gloria Estefan

Eight: Nik Kershaw

You've got to laugh: Nik Kershaw

15 Minutes: Nik Kershaw

To be Frank: Nik Kershaw

Uke 10

Let's face the music: Taco

Schererazade and other stories: Reneaissance

Hit squad: Diverse

16 golden all time hits: Diverse

Modern dance: Diverse

Dino pop tops: Diverse

Love Story (soundtrack): Francis Lai

Hits album 10: Diverse

Music gala of the year '88: Diverse

A man and a woman (Soundtrack): Diverse

Ghostbusters (Soundtrack): Diverse

Ummagumma: Pink Floyd

Geese & The Ghost: Anthony Philips

Bedtime stories: Madonna

Into the light: Gloria Estefan

Oslo - Wichita: The Rainmakers

Ray of light: Madonna

Something to remember: Madonna

Skin: The Rainmakers

Flirting with the universe: The Rainmakers

Rainmakers: The Rainmakers

Uke 9

Tornado: The Rainmakers

Good news and the bad news: The Rainmakers

Hourglass: David Gahan

What about us?: Reckless Souls

Counterfeit2: Martin L. Gore

Remixes 2: Depeche Mode

A Million in Prizes: Iggy Pop

Best of: M People

Reality killed the video star: Robbie Williams

Resistance: Muse

Down to earth: Rainbow

Ultimate collection: The Kinks

Best of: Buddy Holly

His greatest hits: Bobby Vinton

Midnight love: Marvin Gaye

Absolute: The September when

Geese & The Ghost: Antony Philips

Hunter: Blondie

Schererazade and other stories: Reneaissance

Uke 8

True Love - a collection: Al Green

A Rush of blood to the head: Coldplay

Under the Iron Sea: Keane

Heroes: David Bowie

Hunky Dory: David Bowie

Low: David Bowie

In the 21th Century: Men without Hats

Rise: Gabrielle

Very best of: Taco

Popped in souled out: Wet Wet Wet

Live from New York City, 1967: Simon & Garfunkel

3 Words: Cheryl Cole

Ex:el: 808 State

Ballad album: Nazareth

Remain in light: Talking Heads

Lodger: David Bowie

Uke 7

Utd. State 90: 808 State

On how life is: Macy Gray

Document: R.E.M.

Collapse into now: R.E.M.

This is what KLF is about: KLF

Out of time: R.E.M.

Evolver: Grid

Sunday 8PM: Faithless

More songs about buildingd and food: Talking Heads

For everyman: Jackson Browne

Get it together: Jackson 5

Greatest hits: Jermaine Jackson

Very best of: Jackson Browne

Reveal: R.E.M.

Eat to the beat: Blondie

Plastic letters: Blondie

Roll with it: Steve Winwood

Friends: Elton John

I feel like... : Alvin Stardust

Madman across the water: Elton John

Uke 6

Hanx!: Stiff Little Fingers

Always: Alex

Ummagumma: Pink Floyd

Talking back to the night: Steve Winwood

Chance: Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Roaring silence: Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Street to Street - A Liverpool album: Diverse

Roll with it: Steve Winwood

A Flock of seagulls: A Flock of Seagulls

Geese and the ghost: Anthony Philips

BItter sweet: King

Love's a prima donna: Steve Harley & cokney rebel

Raintown: Deacon Blue

Candidate: Steve Harley

Ultimate: S'Express

Long live rock'n roll: Rainbow

Coup de grace: The Stranglers

Men in black: The Stranglers

Wolf: Hugh Cornwell

A salty dog: Procol Harum

Air: Ephemera

Kinda Kinks: The Kinks

Face to face: The Kinks

Smooth escapes - the very best of: D'Sound

Uke 5

One eye open: The September When

Working man - the best of: Rita MacNeil

La Luna: Sarah Brightman

End of part one: Wet Wet Wet

Butterfly: Roger Whittaker

Miracle: The Kane Gang

Ready for battle: Rock Steady Crew

It's Enterainment: Baobab

Saturday night fever: Bee Gees m.fl.

Trøndervisan: Diverse

Salisbury: Uriah Heep

Boys: The Boys

Clash: The Clash

Aural Sculpture: The Stranglers

Go for it: Stiff Little Fingers

Uke 4

Greatest hits: Blood, Sweat & Tears

Sparkle in the rain: Simple Minds

Walk between worlds: Simple Minds

Timeless: Reckless Souls

Life in a day: Simple Minds

Tenement symphony: Marc Almond

Sons and fascination: Simple Minds

Last Farewell: Roger Whittaker

Golden songs of The Beatles: Supersesion workshop

This is...: Roger Whittaker

Tell us the truth: Sham 69

Human racing: Nik Kershaw

Riddle: Nik Kershaw

Bad and lowdown world of: The Kane Gang

60 golden memories 1: Diverse

60 golden memories 2: Diverse

60 golden memories 3: Diverse

Uke 3

What about us?: Reckless Souls

Timeless: Reckless Souls

A lovely life to live: Jools Holland & Marc Almond

Enchanted: Marc Almond

This last night..: Soft Cell

Beneath the bells: Mike Oldfield

Edinburgh castle 1992: Mike Oldfield

Irish Bells: Mike Oldfield

J.P. West: J.P. West

Best of Rainbow: Rainbow

Difficult shapes and passive rhythms: China Crisis

Maria McKee: Maria McKee

Gary Holton And Casino Steel: Gary Holton And Casino Steel

English garden: Bruce Woolley & Camera Club

Amazulu: Amazulu

Youthquake: Dead or Alive

Avalanche: Avalanche

Uke 2

Release the sheep: Latin Quarter

El Greco: Vangelis

Past masters - volume 2: The Beatles

Cheek to Cheek: Jahn Teigen & Anita Skorgan

Silk & Steel: Five Star

Bananarama: Bananarama

Princess: Princess

Wanted: Yazz & The Plastic Population

Always: Alex

Part II: Holton & Steel

Gaya: Zoo

Shuttered room: The Fixx

Troll i eske: January

Prime time: Lava

Calm animals: The Fixx

Crusin: Lava

Trigger: Beranek

Uke 1

State of Confusion: The Kinks

Difficlut shapes and passive rhythms: China Crisis

Greatest hits III: Queen

Fun stuff: Mike Oldfield

Please don't touch: Steve Hackett

Zoom: E.L.O.

Living Years: Mike & The Mechanics

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