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Uke 53

Odes: Irene Papas

Greatest hits: Lenny Kravitz

30: Harry Connick Jr.

Islands: Mike Oldfield

Protest songs 1924-2012: The Specials

Awake: Josh Groban

Play: Moby

Hurry up, we're dreaming: M83.

No secrets: Carly Simon

Once in a red Moon: Secret Garden

Love: The Beatles

Christmas collection: Il Divo

Bitter sweet: King

Shuttered room: The Fixx

Calm animals: The FIxx

December: Dag Kolsrud

Best of: Rainbow

Uke 52

Disney's Greatest hits: Diverse

December II: Dag Kolsrud

An Irish Christmas: Moya Brennan

Lost tapes: Mike Oldfield

How Great Thou art: Elvis Presley

Elvis' Christmas album: Elvis Presley

Crossing: Paul Young

Hurry up, we're dreaming: M83

Wonderful christmas 3: Diverse

A Very Special Christmas 2: Diverse

With the Beatles: The Beatles

Glastonbury 2000: David Bowie

Wonderful Christmas 1: Diverse

You raise me up - The Best of: Aled Jones

And Winter came...: Enya

Final: Wham!

Home for Christmas: Dolly Parton

Wonderful world of Christmas: Elvis Presley

Give my regards to Broad Street: Paul McCartney

12 songs of Christmas: Jim Reeves

Er'u klar?: Lars Kilevold

Livet er for kjipt: Lars Kilevold

Explorers: The Explorers

Big girls don't cry: Weather girls

What noise? Kissing the Pink

Pipes of Peace: Paul McCartney

Uke 51

Thunder: Andy Taylor

Shepherd Moons: Enya

Aled's Christmas gift: Aled Jones

If on a Winters nIght: Sting

Wonderful Christmas 2: Diverse

100 of the world greatest Christmas classics 2: Diverse

100 of the world greatest Christmas classics 3: Diverse

100 of the world greatest Christmas classics 4: Diverse

100 of the world greatest Christmas classics 5: Diverse

A Christmas gift for you: Phil Spector

Anticipation: Carly Simon

Lost tapes: Mike Oldfield

Very best of: Montserrat Caballe

Protest songs 1924-2012: The Specials

Brilliant: Ultravox

Return to Eden: Ultravox

U-Vox: Ultravox

Lament: Ultravox

No Parlez: Paul Young

A Very Special Christmas: Diverse

Paul Young: Paul Young

Hurry up, we're dreaming: M83

From time to time: Paul Young

Tinsel and lights: Tracey Thorn

Winnowing: The Cast

Uke 50

Monument: Ultravox

Vienna: Ultravox

Rage in Eden: Ultravox

Quartet: Ultravox

No Parlez: Paul Young

100 of the world greatest Christmas classics 1: Diverse

Radio 1 Christmas album: Diverse

Replicas: Tubeway Army

Releasing the Sheep: Latin Quarter

III: Paul McCartney

Playing Possum: Carly Simon

Hotcakes: Carly Simon

Protest songs 1924-2012: The Specials

Live Then & Now: Mike Oldfield

Out of my hands: Morten Harket

Uke 49

Ten love songs: Susanne Sundfør

Scoundrel days: a-ha

Another world: Brian May

Live Then & Now: Mike Oldfield

Merry Christmas, baby: Rod Stewart

III: Paul McCartney

Carly Simon: Carly Simon

Releasing the Sheep: Latin Quarter

Seven singles deep: The Icicle Works

101: Depeche Mode

Crash course - Live: UK Subs

Pure mania: Vibrators

Liberty: Duran Duran

Mango Crazy: Roger Chapman

A legendary performer - volume 2: Elvis Presley

Uke 48

Music wonderland: Mike Oldfield

A night at the opera: Queen

Pure: Paul McCartney

Off the ground: Paul McCartney

Stardust.. Great American songbook Volume III: Rod Stewart

Freddie Mercury Album: Freddie Mercury

Barcelona: Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe

Wings Wild life: Wings

Chaos and creation in the backyard: Paul McCartney

Moonlight Serenade: Carly Simon

Into White: Carly Simon

Miracle: Queen

Spirit: Depeche Mode

I'm your man: Leonard Cohen

Killin' TIme: Gasolin

Tattoo you: The Rolling Stones

Ramones: Ramones

1984 Suite: Mike Oldfield

Uke 47

More Specials: The Special

Sheer heart attack: Queen

Fun stuff: Mike Oldfield

Hot Space: Queen

Game: Queen

Innuendo: Queen

Islands: Mike Oldfield

Cosmos rocks: Queen+Paul Rodgers

A Kind of magic: Queen

A Day at the races: Queen

News of the world: Queen

Made in heaven: Queen

Premier hits: Gary Numan & Tubeway army

Dance: Gary Numan

Teenage warning: Angelic upstarts

Killin' Time: Gasolin

Live: Paul Young with the Q-tips

Uke 46

Pleasure principle: Gary  Numan

Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Cozmic Jam: Quadrophonia

Vivaldi: Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra

Peace at last: The Blue Nile

Specials: The Specials

More Specials: The Specials

Dreamland: Black Box

Rock'n roll high School (Soundtrack): Diverse

Goes to hell: Alice Cooper

Ultravox!: Ultravox!

Trekkspellkrigen: Heimevernslaget

999: 999

Tell us the truth: Sham 69

That's Life: Sham 69

Hell to pay: Jeff Healey Band

Now Dance 86: Diverse

Seven singles deep: Icicle Works

We'd like to teach the world to sing: The New Seekers

Uke 45

High land, Hard rain: Aztec Camera

Amira: Amira

Seer: BIg Country

Dare: The Human League

In the studio: The Special AKA

21: Adele

Live at the dome: The Human League

Sight Sound: The Human League

Encore: The Specials

Best of: Fun Boy Three

Insolo: Gary Kemp

Dark Matters: The Stranglers

Electric dirt: Levon Helm

Great Expectations: Tasmin Archer

Now Dance 86: Diverse

Uke 44

Dream into action: Howard Jones

Dark matters: The Stranglers

Days of future passed: The Moody Blues

In search of the lost chord: The Moody Blues

A question of balance: The Moody Blues

On the threshold of a dream: The Moody Blues

Every good boy deserves favour: The Moody Blues

Seventh Sojourn: The Moody Blues

Sticky fingers: The Rolling Stones

Other side of life: The Moody Blues

To our children's Children's Children: The Moody Blues

Greatest hits: The Band

19: Adele

True Colors: Cyndi Lauper

Live your life be free: Belinda Carlisle

Detour: Cyndi Lauper

At last: Cyndi Lauper

Uke 43

Let it bleed: The Rolling Stones

Out of our heads: The Rolling Stones

Undercover: The Rolling Stones

Beggars Banquet: The Rolling Stones

Flowers: The Rolling Stones

Hero and heroine: Strawbs

Ghosts: Strawbs

Grave new world: Strawbs

Collection: Strawbs

Blind Faith: Black

Long Black Veil: The Chieftains

Storyville: Robbie Robertson

12" album: Howard Jones

Deep cuts: Strawbs

Burning for you: Strawbs

Song: It's Immaterial

Uke 42

Music for the native Americans: Robbie Robertson

Wonderful life: Black

Comedy: Black

Irish drinking songs: Diverse

Band: The Band

Dirt Farmer: Levon Helm

Best of Italo Dance classics: Diverse

Long black Veil: The Chieftains

Best of: Van Morrison

Stage Fright: The Band

Music from Big Pink: The Band

Northern lights - Southern Cross: The Band

Last Waltz: The Band

Bryter Layter: Nick Drake

Five leaces left: Nick Drake

Pink Moon: Nick Drake

Time of no reply: Nick Drake

Symphonica: George Michael

True Ballads: Tony Hadley

Family tree: Nick Drake

Life's hard and then you die: It's Immaterial

Dark Matters: The Stranglers

Are we having fun yet?: Black

Uke 41

Lamb lies down on Broadway: Genesis

CV: Black

Accused: Colin Vearncombe

House for sale: It's Immaterial

Songs from the last century: George Michael

What hits?: Red Hot Chili Peppers

By the way: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Californication: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Dead bees on a cake: David Sylvian

Dark Matters: The Stranglers

Older: George Michael

Dark: B.E.F.

Connected live: Yazoo

Adolescent sex: Japan

In Vogue: Japan

Gentlemen take Polaroids: Japan

Quiet life: Japan

MG: Martin L. Gore

Uke 40

Counterfeit2: Martin L. Gore

Thank you: Duran Duran

Paper Gods: Duran Duran

Live 2011: Duran Duran

Saqsaywaman: Mike Oldfield

Planet earth: Prince

Hergest ridge: Mike Oldfield

Gold Experience: Prince

Calling all stations: Genesis

Greatest hits & More: Kool & The Gang

Lovesexy: Prince

Duke: Genesis

Invisible touch: Genesis

Abacab: Genesis

We can't dance: Genesis

A Trick of the tail: Genesis

Prince: Prince

Silent Sun: Genesis

Uke 39

Foxtrot: Genesis

Trespass: Genesis

Wind & Wuthering: Genesis

Nursery Cryme: Genesis

Selling England by the pound: Genesis

And then there were three: Genesis

Where the sour turns to sweet: Genesis

Dirty Mind: Prince

Controversy: Prince

For you: Prince

Certain things are likely: Kissing the Pink

Paid Vacation: Richard Marx

Whisper to the wild water: Maire Brennan

Live in concert: Clannad

Spotlight: Lovin' Spoonful

Alanah Myles: Alannah Myles

Random access memories: Daft Punk

Shaday: Ofra Haza

Minneapolis Genius: 94 East

Uke 38

Human's Lib: Howard Jones

Freeze frame: J. Geils Band

Spiral: Vangelis

Very best of: Scott McKenzie

1: Travelling Wilburys

3: Travelling Wilburys

Spotlight: Lovin' Spoonful

Collection: Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman: Tracy Chapman

Crossroads: Tracy Chapman

New beginning: Tracy Chapman

Jagged little pill: Alanis Morissette

Alanah Myles: Alanah Myles

Horses: Patti Smith

Let it rain: Tracy Chapman

Homework: Daft Punk

Nadur: Clannad

Discovery: Daft Punk

Random access memories: Daft Punk

Best of: Patrick Hernandez

Rush street: Richard Marx

Uke 37

Name of this band is: Talking Heads

Bouncin off the walls: Matthew Wilder

I don't speak the language: Matthew Wilder

Greatest hits: The B-52's

Ghosts that haunt me: Crash Test Dummies

God shuffled his feet: Crash Test Dummies

A Worm's life: Crash test dummies

Cock Robin: Cock Robin

Honey lingers: Voice of the Beehive

Let it bee: Voice of the Beehive

Hot potatoes: The Best of: Devo

Sirius: Clannad

Recycled: Diesel Dahl

Clannad 2: Clannad

Clannad. Clannad

Magnetic fields: Jean Michel Jarre

Rendez Vous: Jean Michel Jarre

Equinoxe: Jean Micel Jarre

Francois: Desireless

Anam: Clannad

Atlantic realm: Clannad

Landmarks: Clannad

Banba: Clannad

Magical ring: Clannad

Nightlife: Pet Shop boys

Dulaman: Clannad

Naked: Talking Heads

Sweet heart of the rodeo: The Byrds

Very best of: The Byrds

Singles: Deacon blue

Singles: Lloyd Cole & The Commotions

When the world knows your name: Deacon Blue

Macalla: Clannad

Uke 36

Best of - volume 2: Alan Parsons Project

Music of Quality and distinction volume 1: B.E.F.

Lights out: Peter Wolf

Perfect time: Maire Brennan

Whisper to the wild water: Maire Brennan

Modern Talking Story: Modern Talking

Shadow talks: The Cut

Little Creatures: Talking Haeds

Two Horizons: Moya Brennan

Uke 35

Hunter: Blondie

Eat to the beat: Blondie

Fear of music: Talking Heads

Speaking in Tongues: Talking Heads

Stop making sense: Talking Heads

Remain in light: Talking Heads

True Stories: Talking Heads

More songs about buildings and food: Talking Heads

77: Talking Heads

12x12 Original remixes: Talking Heads

2012 tour: Ultravox

Realized Fantasies: TNT

Shadow talks: The Cut

Vømmøl'n: Vømmøl spellmannslag

Back for Good: Modern Talking

Uke 34

Nightlife: Pet Shop boys

In the court of the Crimson king: King Crimson

Three of a perfect pair: King Crimson

Larks' tongues in Aspic: King Crimson

In the wake of poseidon: King Crimson

TIme Machine: Alan Parsons Project

A Valid Path: Alan Parson

Try anything once: Alan  Parsons

Eye in the sky: Alan Parsons Project

Kaleidoscope: Siouxsie & The Banshees

Whomp that sucker: Sparks

Alan Parsons Project that never was: Eric Woolfson

Tales of mystery and Imagination: Alan Parsosns Project

Mixed emotions: Mixed Emotions

Uke 33

Keats: Keats

Freudiana: Alan Parsons Project

On Air: Alan Parsons

Kaleidoscope: Siouxsie & The Banshees

Whomp that sucker: Sparks

I Robot: Alan Parsons Project

Eve: Alan Parsons Project

Chris Isaak: Chris Isaak

Greetings from: Timbuk3

Long after dark: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Southern Accents: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

You're gonna get it: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

A Woman's Story: Marc Almond

Gold: Steely Dan

Greatest hits 1974-1978: Steve Miller Band

Vulture culture: Alan Parsons Project

Gaudi: Alan Parsons Project

Stereotomy: Alan Parsons Project

Ammonia Avenue: Alan Parsons Project

Pyramid: Alan Parsons Project

Turn of a Friendly Card: Alan Parsons Project

Uke 32

Kollected - the best of: Kula Shaker

You want it you got it: Bryan Adams

Safe trip home: Dido

Greatest hits collection: Alan Jackson

No Angel: Dido

Life for rent: Dido

Insolo: Gary Kemp

Songs in the key of life: Stevie Wonder

Back from Rio: Roger McGuinn

Best - 1991-2004: Seal

Centerfield: John Fogerty

Giants: The Stranglers

Smile: Brian Wilson

Victorialand: Cocteau Twins

Whomp that sucker: Sparks

Hot Potatoes: The Best of: Devo

Black and white: The Stranglers

Invisible band: Travis

Summer party 1997: Diverse

Uke 31

Insolo: Gary Kemp

11: Bryan Adams

Boys and girls: Bryan Ferry

Best of: Alma Cogan

All twelve inches: The Stranglers

Very best of: Elvis Costello

Filigree and shadow: This Mortal Coil

When I was cruel: Elvis Costello

Best of: Bobby Darin

iSelect: David Bowie

Norfolk coast: The Stranglers

10: The Stranglers

Worlds greatest summer hits: Diverse

Live: The Damned

Combat rock: The Clash

Uke 30

A kiss in the dreamhouse: Siouxsie & The Banshees

Future games: Fleetwood Mac

Out of the blue: E.L.O.

Discovery: E.L.O.

Lone Arrangerer: Manfred Mann

Criminal tango: Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Dancing Marquis: Marc Almond

18: Moby

Tango in the night: Fleetwood mac

3 years, 5 monthd and 2 days in the life of: Arrested Development

How Bizarre: OMC

Outlandos D'Amour: The Police

Reggatta de Blanc: The Police

Unchained melody: The Righteous brothers

Different story: Peter Schilling

Early Years: Fra Lippo Lippi

Life pursuit: Belle & Sebastian

Third step: Sailor

Support the corps: The Police

Dream of the blue turtles: Sting

Double fantasy: John Lennon

Greatest hits: The Cars

Focus: Stan Getz

Uke 29

Synchronicity: The Police

Ghost in the Machine: The Police

Music of quality and distinction 2: B.E.F.

Amore: The Hooters

Zenyatta Mondatta: The Police

Seventeen Seconds: The Cure

Time stand still: The Hooters

Largo: The Hooters m.fl.

Out of body: The Hooters

Zig Zag: The Hooters

One way home: The Hooters

Nervous night: The Hooters

Edge: Daryl Braithwaite

Variete: Marc Almond

Best of: Rick Springfield

My religion: TNT

Uke 28

Minor earth major sky: A-ha

Foot of the mountains: A-ha

Intuition: TNT

Deep sea Thriller: Tramteatret

Cast in steel: A-ha

Super hits: Men at work

Michael Hutchence: Michael Hutchence

Speak & Spell: Depeche Mode

Rise: Daryl Braithwaite

Music for listening to: B.E.F.

Treasurte box: Marc Almond

Feasting with Panthers: Marc Almond & Michael Cashmore

Vermine in Ermine: Marc Almond

In the running: Howard Jones

Piano Solos 2: Howard Jones

Live Acoustic America: Howard Jones

Mirage: Fleetwood Mac

Uke 27

Laughing stock: Talk Talk

Spirit of Eden: Talk Talk

Party's over: Talk Talk

It's my life: Talk Talk

Feasting with panters: Marc Almond & Michael Cashmore

Treasure box: Marc Almond

Hit collection: Fancy

Cross that line: Howard Jones

Dream into Action: Howard Jones

One to one: Howard Jones

Please: Pet Shop Boys

Actually: Pet Shop boys

Uke 26

Speak & Spell: Depeche Mode

Trouble: Sailor

Victims of the future: Gary Moore

Hit collection: Münchener Freiheit

Accidents in Paradise: Sven Väth

MCMXC a.D.: EnigmaShadows and reflections: Marc Almond

Fantastic star: Marc Almond

Orpheus in exile: Marc Almond

Velvet trail: Marc Almond

In session Volume one: Marc Almond

Open all night: Marc Almond

A Virgin's tale - volume II: Marc Almond

A Virgin's tale - volume I: Marc Almond

Very best of - Unchained melody: The Rightous Brothers

Rosetta: Vangelis

Uke 25

Violator: Depeche Mode

Black Celebration: Depeche Mode

A Broken frame: Depeche Mode

Construction time again: Depeche Mode

Holiday in dirt: Stan Ridgway

Snakebite, Blacktop ballads & Fugitive songs: Stan Ridgway

Songs that made this country great: Stan Ridgway

Anatomy: Stan Ridgway

Electric Arguments: Fireman

Diamond dogs: David Bowie

Revolver: The Beatles

Rain dogs: Tom Waits

Porgy and bess: Miles Davis

Sins of our fathers: Andy Prieboy

24b Carrots: Al Stewart

Russians & Americans: Al Stewart

Mosquitos: Stan Ridgway

Upon my wicked son: Andy Prieboy

Big heat: Stan Ridgway

East side Story: Squeeze

Modern Times: Al Stewart

Uke 24

Partyball: Stan Ridgway

Black Diamond: Stan Ridgway

Who's sorry now: Connie Francis

TIme on earth: Crowded House

Afterglow: Crowded House

Intriguer: Crowded house

Together alone: Crowded House

Woodface: Crowded house

Temple of low men: Crowded House

Crowded house: Crowded House

Roxy Music: Roxy Music

Soul & Inspiration: The Righteous Brothers

Avalon: Roxy Music

Door to Door: The Cars

Face value: Phil Collins

Fireball zone: Ric Ocasek

Tambu: Toto

Platinum collection: Hothouse Flowers

Destiny: The Jacksons

Triumph: The Jacksons

Neon Lights: Simple Minds

Mother fist and her five daughters: Marc Almond

Quiet Please... - The New best of: Nick Lowe

Make em move/Taxi Style: Sly & Robbie

Matt Bianco: Matt Bianco

Hello, I must be going!: Phil Collins

Let's face the music: Taco

Past, Present & Future: Al Stewart

Uke 23

Paradise Theatre: Styx

Violent silence: Marc Almond

A Woman's story: Marc Almond

Off the wall: Michael Jackson

Best of: Inner Circle

Who's sorry now: Connie Francis

Quiet Please... - The New best of: Nick Lowe

Greatest hits: Peter Frampton

Don't stop: Status Quo

Let's Face the music: Taco

Trouble: Sailor

Third step: Sailor

Uke 22

French album: Marc Almond

Stories of Johnny: Marc Almond

A lovely life to live: Jools Holland & Marc Almond

Moving out to the country: Jools Holland

Born: Hothouse Flowers

Into your heart: Hothouse Flowers

Best of: Bob Marley & The Wailers

60's collection: Diverse

His greatest hits: Percy Sledge

Human Menagerie: Cockney Rebel

Odessey & Oracle: The Zombies

Neon lights: Simple Minds

Who's sorry now: Connie Francis

Uke 21

Songs from the rain: Hothouse Flowers

Home: Hothouse Flowers

People: Hothouse Flowers

Celebrate disc 1: Simple Minds

Celebrate disc 2: Simple Minds

Celebrate disc 3: Simple Minds

Jonny Cash is coming to town: Johnny Cash

Boom Chicka Boom: Johnny Cash

Greatest years of rock'n roll: Diverse

60's collection: Diverse

Memories are made of hits: Diverse

Tyranny for you: Front 242

Best of: The Alarm and Mike Peters

Scott 4: Scott Walker

Best of: Art Garfunkel

HOney's dead: Jesus & Mary Chain

Spotlight: Lovin Spoonful

At Folsom prison: Johnny Cash

Absolute gold: Diverse

Outland: Spear of Destiny

Voices carry: Til Tuesday

Long play: Sandra

Back to the Classics: Exception

A blues for Buddha: The Silencers

Uke 20

Man comes around: Johnny Cash

Supernatural: Carlos Santana

Silence is easy: Starsailor

Greatest hits: Bolland & Bolland

Worlds greatest summer hits: Diverse

Screamadelica: Primal Scream

Pop: U2

Reggaefavoritter: Diverse

Forever delayed: Manic Street Preachers

Rosetta: Vangelis

Evil heat: Primal Scream

Yang: Fish

A blues for Buddha: The Silencers

After here through Midland: Cock Robin

Outland: Spear of Destiny

Greatest hits: Bill Haley and his comets

Greatest: Wings

Country music Connie Style: Connie Francis

Masterpieces: Sky

Cars: The Cars

Keep your distance: Curiosity killed the cat

Prince Charming: Adam And the Ants

Trio: Trio

Division One: Far Corporation

After eight: Taco

Silent Partner: Bolland

Domino Theory: Bolland

Paintings in Yellow: Sandra

Heaven and Hell: Vangelis

Uke 19

Wall: Pink Floyd

Real Life: Magazine

Plastic letters: Blondie

Once more into the bleach: Debbie Harry/Blondie

Flashback - the very best of: Imagination

Imagine: John Lennon

Double Fantasy: John Lennon

Mind Games: John Lennon

Milk and honey: John Lennon

Some time in New York city: John Lennon

Beatles '65: The Beatles

Raw & The Cooked: Fine Young Cannibals

Fine Young Cannibals: Fine Young Cannibals

Friend or foe: Adam Ant

Country music Connie Style: Connie Francis

Chet Aktins and his guitar: Chet Atkins

After here through Midland: Cock Robin

Voices Carry: Til Tuesday

Very best of: Sky

Outland: Spear of Destiny

Uke 18

Focus: Stan Getz

Chet Atkins and his guitar: Chet Atkins

A legendary performer - volume 2: Elvis Presley

Country music Connie style: Connie Francis

Best of: Blondie

Autoamerican: Blondie

La's: The La's

Simple mssion: Glass TIger

Ascension: A Flock of Seagulls

Secondhand daylight: Magazine

Definitive: Ray Charles

Kings of the wild frontier: Adam & The Ants

Eat to the beat: Blondie

Porgy and bess: Miles Davis

What a wonderful world: Louis Armstrong

Blondie: Blondie

1977-1980: Joy Division

Uke 17

Correct use of soap: Magazine

Promises and Lie: UB40

Life: Inspiral Carpets

Super: Pet Shop Boys

Labour of love II: UB40

Rat In Mi Kitchen: UB40

Simple Mission: Glass Tiger

Crush: O.M.D.

La's: The La's

Best of: Heaven 17

Sugar tax: O.M.D.

Ascension: A FLock of Seagulls with the pRague Philharmonic Orchestra

That great October sound: Thomas Dybdahl

Ten love songs: Susanne Sundfør

Människor under molnen: Ratata

Uppdrag i Geneve: Lustans Lakejer

Yesica: Secret Service

Kar och galen: Ulf Lundell

Key: Joan Armatrading

Bad Attitude: Meat Loaf

Bad for good: Jim Steinman

Dressed to Kill: Kiss

Pleasure Victim: Berlin

Love life: Berlin

Count three and pray: Berlin

Unmasked: Kiss

Down comes the hammer: Real Life

UB40: UB40

Labour of love: UB40

Present arms: UB40

Uke 16

Commandos: Stage dolls

Soldier's Gun: Stage Dolls

Idjagiedas: Mari Boine

Quiet is the new loud: Kings of Convencience

Prisen for popen: Jokke & Valentinerne

Stars - the best of 1992-2002: The Cranberries

Collection: Pål Thowsen feat. Tor Endresen

Original Lightfoot: Gordon Lightfoot

Experienced!: Diverse

Crosby, Stills & Nash

Crosby, Stills & Nash: Daylight again

Unplugged: Diverse

Cigarettes and alcohol: Diverse

Deja Vu: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Looking for freedom: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Everybody else is doing it: The Cranberries

Most of Lulu: Lulu

Cutting Corners: Secret Service

Jupiter sign: Secret Service

Phantasmagoria: The Damned

Japanese Tears: Denny Laine

Short stories: Jon + Vangelis

Colour of a moment: Channel 5

Agent provocateur: Foreigner

I'm your baby tonight: Whitney Houston

A Wild romance: The Twins

Until the end of time: TheTwins

Uke 15

Automatic for the people: R.E.M.

Sharp knives and loaded guns: Ralph Myerz

Very best of: Patti Page

Move me: Midge Ure

Fragile: Midge Ure

Answers to nothing: Midge Ure

To the faithful departed: The Cranberries

No need to argue: The Cranberries

Down to earth: Rainbow

Darkness on the edge of town: Bruce Springsteen

Under the waterline: Ten Sharp

Wake up and smell the coffee: The Cranberries

Pure: Midge Ure

Original Lightfoot: Gordon Lightfoot

Berry vest of: Gilbert O'Sullivan

Breathe: Midge Ure

10: Midge Ure

Went to Coney Island on a mission: Midge Ure

Are you ready: Bucks Fizz

Past, present & Future: RAH Band

Sneakin' Sally through the alley: Robert Palmer

Secrets: Robert Palmer

Clues: Robert Palmer

Korgis: The Korgis

Stars shine bright: Everything but the girl

Sweet dreams are made of this: Eurythmics

Be yourself tonight: Eurythmics

Thin red line: Glass Tiger

Gift: Midge Ure

Flame: Real Life

Heart land: Real life

Touch: Eurythmics

Wayfaring sons: Colin Hay Band

In the blood: London Beat

Celebrate the bullet: The Selecter

Uke 14

Solitary Men: Giorgio Moroder & Joe Esposito

Vey best of: Aretha Franklin

Alan Parsons Songbook: Alex Bollard Assembly

As heard on Radio Soulvax pt. 2: 2 Many DJ's

Greatest hits: Righeira

Son of my father: Giorgio Moroder

Best of: Scotch

Murmur: R.E.M.

Around the sun: R.E.M.

Self control: Laura Branigan

Saxuality: Candy Dulfer

Way it is: Bruce Hornsby & The Range

Challenger: Baby's Gang

Monster: R.E.M.

Born to flirt: The Flirts

KooKoo: Debbie Harry

Show some emotion: Joan Armatrading

Whitney: Whitney Houston

Voyeur: Kim Carnes

Branigan: Laura Branigan

She works hard for the money: Donna Summer

Me myself I: Joan Armatrading

Cuts both ways: Gloria Estefan

I've never been to me: Charlene

Head games: Foreigner

Foreigner: Foreigner

Let the music play: Shannon

Inside information: Foreigner

Uke 13

Dream Street Rose: Gordon Lightfoot

Reckoning: R.E.M.

Reveal: R.E.M.

Document: R.E.M.

Collapse into Now: R.E.M.

Out of time: R.E.M.

Accelerate: R.E.M.

Green: R.E.M.

Up: R.E.M.

Stranger In us All: Rainbow

Fairytales: Radka Toneff

Seven days in Sammystown: Wall of Voodoo

Mr Music hits 11.95: Diverse

Hagnesta Hill: Kent

A special album: Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band

1981-2006: Drama & Creation

Future shock: Herbie Hancock

Senior: Röyksopp

Våpen og ammunition: Kent

Uke 12

Freeze Frame: Godley & Creme

A hundred thousand in fresh notes: Wax

Under the surface: Marit Larsen

En vacker natt: Per Gessle

Best of: Spencer Davis Group

Eagles: Eagles

Goodby blue sky: Godley & Creme

Out of shape: Rainbow

Actual miles - Greatest hits: Don Henley

Rocket full of Kryptonite: Spin Doctors

Was (Not was): Was (not was)

Turn it upside down: Spin Doctors

You've got to believe in something: Spin Doctors

Destination anywhere: Jon Bon Jovi

Fire fine lænestola: Ola Uteligger (Hans Rotmo)

1984 (Soundtrack): Eurythmics

Revenge: Eurythmics

Uke 11

Themeology - The Best of: John Barry

Pretty woman (soundtrack): Diverse

Fly (soundtrack): Diverse

Tourism: Roxette

Crying Game (soundtrack): Diverse

Bilitis (soundtrack): Francis Lai

Voices: Anita Hegerland

Bright lights Big City (soundtrack): Diverse

9 1/2 Weeks (soundtrack): Diverse

Bevery Hills cop (Soundtrack): Diverse

Destroyer: Kiss

Paris Texas (soundtrack): Ry Cooder

Greatest hits: Heart

Greatest hits: Boston

Escape: Journey

Boat that rocked (soundtrack): Diverse

Universal masters collection: Glenn Frey

Mr Music hits 1.93: Diverse

Mr Music hits 1.91: Diverse

Mr Music hits 6.91: Diverse

Mr Music hits 2.92: Diverse

Mr Music hits 12.92: Diverse

Mr Music hits 11.93: Diverse

Uke 10

Crash! Boom Bang!: Roxettte

Rollerskating: Bertine Zetlïtz

Marius Müller: Marius Müller

London Warsaw New York: Basia

Agætis Byrjun: Sigur Ros

Hvarf/Heim: Sigur Ros

Vespertine: Bjôrk

Joyride: Roxette

10,9,7,6,5,4,3,2,1: Midnight Oil

Pearls of passion: Roxette

Collection: Kenny G

Lisa Gerrard: Lisa Gerrard

Savage Garden: Savage Garden

Voice of Love: Julee Cruise

Crying light: Antony & The Johnsons

Chronologie: Jean Michel Jarre

Pictures: Katie Melua

Musik aus zeit und raum: Jean Michel Jarre

Welcome to the show: Barclay James Harvest

Their first album: barclay James Harvest

Time Honoured Ghosts: Barclay James Harvest

Within the realm of a dying sun: Dead can dance

A foot in the door - the best of: Pink Floyd

Amazulu: Amazulu

Faith: H20

A Momentary lapse of reason: Pink Floyd

Uke 9

Orchestral manouevres in the dark: Orchestral manouevres in the dark

Ummagumma: Pink Floyd

When the wind blows (soundtrack): Roger Waters m.fl.

Homelands: Ellis Beggs & Howard

Strip: Adam Ant

Immunity: Rupert Hine

Anvil: VIsage

Delicate sound of thunder: Pink Floyd

Amazulu: Amazulu

Easy pieces: Lloyd Cole & The Commotions

Terminal Jive.: Sparks

I'm a Bird now: Antony & The Johsons

RIver rescue - Very best of: Ry Cooder

Swanlights: Antony & The Johsons

Antony & The Johsons: Antony & The Johsons

Frantic romantic: Jermaine Stewart

Bitterblue: Bonnie Tyler

Love moves: Kim WIlde

Greatest hits: Steve Miller Band

Best of: Nazareth

Legend: suzi Quatro

Zabriske Point (soundtrack): Pink Floyd m.fl.

Endless river: Pink Floyd

Mlah: Les Negresses Vertes

Famille Nombreuse: Les Negresses Vertes

Zig-Zague: Les Negresses Vertees

Piper at the gates of dawn: Pink Floyd

Criminal tango: Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Obscured by clouds: Pink Floyd

Masque: Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Uke 8

Meddle: Pink Floyd

Animals: Pink Floyd

Dark side of the moon: Pink Floyd

A shot at glory (soundtrack): Mark Knopfler

What's love got to do with it: Tina Turner

Greatest hits: Bay City Rollers

Making movies: Dire Straits

Tracker: Mark Knopfler

Final Cut: Pink Floyd

Wish you were here: Pink Floyd

A Saucerful of secrets: Pink FLoyd

One of these nights: The Eagles

More (soundtrack): Pink Floyd

Division bell: Pink Floyd

Atom Heart Mother: Pink Floyd

Masque: Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Somewhere in Afrika: Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Criminal tango: Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Try anything once: Alan Parsons Project

Monument: Ultravox

Burning blue soul: The The

Strawberries: The Damned

Getaway: Chris de Burgh

Secret value of daydreaming: Julian Lennon

Original Mirrors: Original Mirrors

Past, present & Future: Al Stewart

Anything: The Damned

Liverpool: Frankie goes to Hollywood

Uke 7

Guaranteed: Level 42

Their greatest hits: The Eagles

Brilliant: Ultravox

Islands: Kajagoogoo

Purple rain: Prince

Long run: The Eagles

U-Vox: Ultravox

Songs for Drella: Lou Reed & John Cale

Lament: Ultravox

Rage in Eden: Ultravox

Vienna: Ultravox

Eye in the sky: Alan Parsons Project

Hits/B-sides: Prince

Time machine: Alan Parsons

A Valid Path: Alan Parsons

Collection: Alan Parsons Project

Dream street rose: Gordon Lightfoot

Solitude standing: Peter Cetera

Best of: Bread

Wanted!: Outlaws

Mind bomb: The The

Nearly a sin: One the Juggler

Soul mining: The The

Various positions: Leonard Cohen

Gaucho: Steely Dan

Pacific age: O.M.D.

Early tapes: Level 42

Uke 6

I'm your man: Leonard Cohen

Various Positions: Leonard Cohen

Cost of loving: The Style Council

Kick Inside: Kate Bush

It's so nice to have a man around the house: Dinah Shore

Never for ever: Kate Bush

Our favourite shop: The Style Council

Home & Abroad: The Style Council

Infected: The The

Deraisonnable...: Rose Laurens

1999: Prince

Never die young: James Taylor

Greatest hits. John Denver

Try anything once: Alan Parsons

Ascent of Mann: Manfred Mann

Hits/B-sides: Prince

Love and Theft: Bob Dylan

A Day at the Races: Queen

Dreaming: Kate Bush

Uke 5

Tea for the Tillerman: Cat Stevens

Mellow Gold: Beck

Hits/B-sides: Prince

Lexicon of Love: ABC*

Diamonds and pearls: Prince

Silence is golden: The Tremeloes

Lionheart: Kate Bush

Ascent of Mann: Manfred Mann

To travel sideways: Kid Creole & The Coconuts

Odelay: Beck

Seal: Seal

Load: Metallica

Come: Prince

Love and theft: Bob Dylan

Malajusted: Morrissey

Sea Change: Beck

Forever and ever: Demis Roussos

Around the world in a day: Prince

At the end of a perfect day: Chris de Burgh

Glamorous life: Sheila E.

Wendy & Lisa: Wendy & Lisa

Uke 4

Working on a dream: Bruce Springsteen

Morning Phase: Beck

Plenty: Red box

Motive: Red Box

Sensual world: Kate Bush

Automatic for the people: R.E.M.

Red shoes: Kate Bush

50 words for snow: Kate Bush

Whole story: KateBush

Hounds of love: Kate Bush

Aerial: Kate Bush

World peace is none of your business: Morrissey

Looking at you: Chaz Jankel

Southpaw Grammar: Morrissey

Circle & The Square: Red Box

Walk between worlds: Simple Minds

Essential Bruce Springsteen

Lexicon of Love II: ABC*

Love songs: Diverse

Celtic circle 2: Diverse

Wigan casino - Northern soul: Diverse

Celebrate: Simple Minds

Black rose: Thin Lizzy

Real to Real Cacophony: Simple Minds

Uke 3

Albedo 0.39: Vangelis

Life in a day: Simple Minds

Acoustic: Simple Minds

Lexicon of Love: ABC*

Beauty stab: ABC*

Golden hour of the future: The Future & The Human League

Armchair Theatre: Jeff Lynne

Best of: The Human League

Maximum Bowie: David Bowie

Strange cargo III: William Orbit

All Saints: David Bowie

Hits on CD vol. 4: Diverse

Love songs: Diverse

A testimonial dinner: XTC m.fl.

Human being: Seal

Soul: Seal

Scenes from the southside: Bruce Hornsby & The Range

Far beyond these castle walls: Chris de Burgh

Best moves: Chris de Burgh

How to be a Zillionaire: ABC*

Night of a thousand candles: The Men they couldn't hang

clock comes down the stairs: Microdisney

Streetlife serenade: Billy Joel

What noise?: Kissing The Pink

IV: Toto

Uke 2

System: Seal

Fox Base Alpha: Saint Etienne

Der Kommissar: After the fire

Best - 1991-2004: Seal

Strange cargo III: William Orbit

Plays Queen classics: The Royal Philhamonic Orchestra

Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band: The Beatles

A Testimonial dinner: XTC

Love songs: DIverse

Wild frontier: Gary Moore

Run for cover: Gary Moore

That's My way: Charley Pride

Ding-a-dong: Teach-In

Let the day begin: The Call

Spanish train and other stories: Chris de Burgh

Into the light: Chris De Burgh

Silver town: The Men they coulnd't hang

How green is the valley: The Men they couldn't hang

Waiting for Bonaparte: The Men they coulnd't Hang

Uke 1

Crusader: Chris De Burgh

Eastern Wind: Chris De Burgh

Man on the line: Chris de Burgh

Let the day Begin: The Call

Flying Colours: Chris De Burgh

Live in S.A: Chris De Burgh

A Night on the town: Bruce Horsnby & The Range

Lamb lies down on Broadway: Genesis

Beatles for sale: The Beatles

Please Please Me: The Beatles

From out of nowhere: E.L.O.

Armchair Theatre: Jeff Lynne

Silence is golden: The Tremeloes

Western Stars: Bruce Springsteen

Middle of the road: Middle of the Road

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