Grønn farge: Låter skrevet av Giorgio Moroder


That's Bubblegum: That's Giorgio (1969)

Hansa Records

  1. Looky, Looky
2. Mendocino
3. Mercy
4. Make Me Your Baby
5. Sorry Suzanne 
6. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
7. Bad Moon Rising
8. Proud Mary
9. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In
10. Muny, Muny, Muny
11. Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'


Son Of My Father (1972)

Hansa Records

  1.  Son of My Father 
2.  Lord (Release Me)
3.  That's How I See Her
4.  Pauline
5. Automation
6. London Traffic 
7. Underdog
8. Spanish Disaster
9. Watch Your Step 
10. Tears


Giorgio's Music (1973)


1. Marrakesch
2. Viel Glück, Christina
3. Her Mit Dem Geld 
4. Viele Phrasen
5. Zigaretten Und Mädchen Und Wein
6. Hilf Dir Selbst
7. Ich Komm Nach Haus
8. Nostalgie
9. Ja, Ja, Ja (Wie Ist Werbung Wunderbar)
10. Eine Alte Melodie


Spinach 1: med Michael Holm (1973)

Canyon Records

  1. America, America
2. Rhythm of Love
3. Action Man (Part 1)
4. Knockin' On Your Door 
5. (Sweet Sixteen) You Know What I Mean
6. Action Man (Part 2)
7. Looky, Looky 
8. Don't You Worry
9. I'm a Bum
10. Sunny Mornin'
11. Sunshine Lady
12. Muny, Muny


Einzelgänger (1975)

Oasis Records

  1. Einzelgänger (Lone Wolf)
2. Aus (The End)
3. Warum (Why)
4. Percussiv
5. Good Old Germany
6. Basslich
7. Untergang (Ruin)
8. Liebes-Arie (Love Song)
9. Einzelganger


Knights In White Satin (1976)

Oasis Records

  1. Knights in White Satin
2. In the Middle of the Knight
3. Knights in White Satin
4. Oh, l'amour
5. Sooner or Later
6. I Wanna Funk with You Tonite


From Here To Eternity (1977)

Oasis Records

  1. From Here to Eternity
2. Faster Than the Speed of Love
3. Lost Angeles
4. Utopia: Me Giorgio
5. From Here to Eternity (Reprise)
6. First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love 
7. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
8. Too Hot to Handle


Love's in You, Love's in Me: med Chris Bennett (1978)

Casablanca Records

  1. Love's in You, Love's in Me
2. Keep It Together
3. I Can't Wait
4. Reprise
5. Love Now, Hurt Later
6. Burning the Midnight Oil
7. Let This Night Go On for Days


Midnight Express: Soundtrack (1978)

Casablanca Records

  1. Chase
2. Love's Theme
3. (Theme From) Midnight Express
4. Istanbul Blues
5. The Wheel
6. Istanbul Opening
7. Cacaphoney
8. (Theme From) Midnight Express


Battlestar Galactica (1978)

Casablanca Records

  1. Theme From Battlestar Galactica 
2. Destruction Of Peace 
3. Transmitter: Part I
4. Adama's Theme 
5. It's Love, Love, Love
6. Transmitter: Part II
7. Exploration
8. Theme From Battlestar Galactica
9. Evolution 


E=MC² (1979)

Casablanca Records

  1. Baby Blue
2. What A Night
3. If You Weren't Afraid
4. I Wanna Rock You
5. In My Wildest Dreams
6. E=MC² 


American Gigolo: Soundtrack (1980)


  1. Call Me: Blondie
2. Love And Passion: Cheryl Barnes
3. Night Drive: Giorgio Moroder 
4. Hello Mr.  W. A. M.  (Finale): Giorgio Moroder & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
5. The Apartment: Giorgio Moroder 
6. Palm Springs Drive: Giorgio Moroder 
7. Night Drive (Reprise): Giorgio Moroder 
8.  The Seduction (Love Theme): Giorgio Moroder 


Foxes: Soundtrack (1980)

Casablanca Records

  1. On the Radio: Donna Summer
2. Fly Too High: Janis Ian
3. Shake It : Brooklyn Dreams 5:40 
4. Bad Love: Cher
5. Valley of the Dolls (Instrumental): Giorgio Moroder
6. 20th Century Foxes: Angel
7. Greedy Man: Keith Forsey 
8. Virginia: Punky Meadows
9. On the Radio (Instrumental): Giorgio Moroder
10. Hollywood Dreams: Giorgio Moroder
11. Fly Too High (Instrumental): Giorgio Moroder
12. Valley of the Dolls (Slow Instrumental): Giorgio Moroder


Cat People: Soundtrack (1982)

MCA Records

  1. Cat People (Putting Out Fire): David Bowie
2. The Autopsy: Giorgio Morder
3. Irena's Theme: Giorgio Morder
4. Night Rabbit: Giorgio Morder
5. Leopard Tree Dream: Giorgio Morder
6. Paul's Theme (Jogging Chase): Giorgio Morder
7. The Myth: Giorgio Morder
8. To the Bridge: Giorgio Morder
9. Transformation Seduction: Giorgio Morder
10. Bring the Prod: Giorgio Morder


Flashdance: Soundtrack (1983)

Casablanca Records

  1. Flashdance. . .  What A Feeling: Irene Cara 
He's A Dream: Shandi Sinnamon 
3. Love Theme From Flashdance: Helen St.  John
Manhunt: Karen Kamon
5. Lady, Lady, Lady: Joe Esposito
Imagination: Laura Branigan
7. Romeo: Donna Summer

8. Seduce Me Tonight: Cycle V
I'll Be Here Where The Heart Is: Kim Carnes
Maniac: Michael Sembello


Superman III: Soundtrack (1983)

Warner Bros.  Records

  1. Main Title (The Streets Of Metropolis): Ken Thorne
The Acid Test: Ken Thorne
3. Saving The Factory Gus Finds A Way: Ken Thor
4. The Two Faces Of Superman: Ken Thorne
5. The Struggle Within: The Final Victory: Ken Thorne
6. Rock On: Marshall Crenshaw
7. No See, No Cry: Chaka Khan
8. They Won't Get Me: Roger Miller
9. Love Theme: Helen St.  John
10. Main Title March: Giorgio Moroder


Solitary Men: med Joe Esposito (1983)

Oasis Records

  1. Solitary Man: Joe Esposito
2. Show Me The Night : Joe Esposito
3. My Girl: Joe Esposito
4. Too Hot To Touch: Joe Esposito
5. Diamond Lizzy: Joe Esposito
6. Washed In The Neon Light: Joe Esposito
7. A Love Affair: Joe Esposito
8. Nights In White Satin: Joe Esposito
9. Lady, Lady: Joe Esposito
10. White Hotel: Joe Esposito
11. To Turn The Stone: Joe Esposito


Scarface: Soundtrack (1983)

MCA Records

  1. Scarface (Push It To The Limit): Paul Engemann 
2. Rush Rush: Deborah Harry 
3. Turn Out The Light: Amy Holland 
4. Vamos A Bailar: Maria Conchita 
5. Tony's Theme: Giorgio Moroder 
6. She's On Fire: Amy Holland 
7. Shake It Up: Elizabeth Daily
8. Dance Dance Dance: Beth Andersen 
9. I'm Hot Tonight: Elizabeth Daily
10. Gina's And Elvira's Theme: Giorgio Moroder


D. C. Cab: Soundtrack (1983)

MCA Records

  1. The Dream: Irene Cara
2. Deadline U. S. A.: Shalamar 
3. D. C.  Cab: Peabo Bryson 
Knock Me On My Feet: Champaign 
5. Squeeze Play: Karen Kamon 
6. World Champion: Leon Sylvers III
Single Heart: DeBarge 
Party Me Tonight: Stephanie Mills 
9. One More Time Around The Block Othelia: Gary U. S.  Bonds 
Knock Me On My Feet (Instrumental): Giorgio Moroder


The NeverEnding Story: Soundtrack (1984)

EMI Records

  1. The NeverEnding Story -Giorgio Moroder 
2. Swamps Of Sadness -Giorgio Moroder 
3. Ivory Tower: Giorgio Moroder 
4. Ruined Landscape: Giorgio Moroder 
5. Sleepy Dragon- Giorgio Moroder 
6. Bastian's Happy Flight: Klaus Doldinger  
7. Fantasia: Klaus Doldinger 
8. Atreju's Quest: Klaus Doldinger 
9. Theme Of Sadness: Klaus Doldinger 
10. Atreju Meets Falkor: Klaus Doldinger  
11. Mirrorgate: Southern Oracle: Klaus Doldinger 
12. Gmork: Klaus Doldinger 
13. Moonchild: Klaus Doldinger 
14. The Auryn: Klaus Doldinger 
15. Happy Flight: Kla
us Doldinger


Metropolis: Soundtrack (1984)

Columbia Records

  1. Love Kills: Freddie Mercury 
2. Here's My Heart: Pat Benatar 
3. Cage Of Freedom: Jon Anderson 
4. Blood From A Stone: Cycle V 
5. The Legend Of Babel: Giorgio Moroder 
6. Here She Comes: Bonnie Tyler
7. Destruction: Loverboy
8. On Your Own: Billy Squier
9. What's Going On: Adam Ant 
10. Machines: Giorgio Moroder


Electric Dreams: Soundtrack (1984)

Virgin Records

  1. Together In Electric Dreams: Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey
2. Video!: Jeff Lynne 
3. The Dream: Culture Club

4. The Duel: Giorgio Moroder
5. Now You're Mine: Helen Terry
6. Love Is Love: Culture Club
7. Chase Runner: Heaven 17
8. Let It Run: Jeff Lynne

9. Madeline's Theme: Giorgio Moroder
10. Electric Dreams: P. P.  Arnold


Innovisions (1985)

Oasis Records

  1. Night Time Is The Right Time: Edie Marlena
2. My Girl: Joe Esposito
3. American Dream: Paul Engemann
4. Baby Blue: Giorgio Moroder
5. From Here To Eternity: Giorgio Moroder
6. Reach Out: Paul Engemann
7. Shannon's Eyes: Paul Engemann
8. The Chase: Giorgio Moroder
9. Lady Lady: Joe Esposito
10. Face To Face: Paul Engemann


Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder (1985)

Virgin Records

  1. Why Must The Show Go On: Philip Oakey
2. In Transit: Philip Oakey
3. Good-Bye Bad Times: Philip Oakey
4. Brand New Love (Take A Chance): Philip Oakey
5. Valerie: Philip Oakey
6. Now: Philip Oakey
7. Together In Electric Dreams: Philip Oakey
8. Be My Lover Now: Philip Oakey
9. Shake It Up: Philip Oakey


Top Gun: Soundtrack (1986)

Columbia Records

  1. Danger Zone: Kenny Loggins 
2. Mighty Wings: Cheap Trick 
3. Playing With The Boys: Kenny Loggins
4. Lead Me On: Teena Marie 
5. Take My Breath Away: Berlin 
6. Hot Summer Nights: Miami Sound Machine
7. Heaven In Your Eyes: Loverboy 
8. Through The Fire: Larry Greene 
9. Destination Unknown: Marietta 
10. Top Gun Anthem: Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens


Over The Top: Soundtrack (1987)

Columbia Records

  1. Winner Takes It All: Sammy Hagar 
2. In This Country: Robin Zander 
3. Take It Higher: Larry Greene 
4. All I Need Is You: Big Trouble 
5. Bad Nite: Frank Stallone 
6. Meet Me Half Way: Kenny Loggins 
7. Gypsy Soul: Asia 
8. The Fight (Instrumental): Giorgio Moroder 
9. Mind Over Matter: Larry Greene 
10. I Will Be Strong: Eddie Money


Mamba: Soundtrack (1988)


  1. I Am Alive: Edie Lehmann
2. Listen To Your Heart: Koreana 
3. One On One: Joe Pizullo
4. Heaven Now: Joe Pizullo
5. Singing To The Sky: Edie Lehmann
6. Opening: Giorgio Moroder 
7. Love Theme: Giorgio Moroder
8. Suspense: Giorgio Moroder
9. Chase: Giorgio Moroder 


Another Way: Soundtrack (1988)


  1. Another Way: Jennifer Rush 
2. Ocean Battle (Instrumental): Giorgio Moroder 
3. Stop That Thief: Cheap Trick 
4. The Submarine (Instrumental): Giorgio Moroder 
5. The Berlin Theme (Instrumental): Giorgio Moroder 
6. Open Up: Beth Andersen
7. Car Chase (Instrumental): Giorgio Moroder 
8. Sometimes Sparks Fly: Beth Andersen 
9. Another Way (Instrumental): Giorgio Moroder


To Be Number One (1990)

Virgin Records

  1. To Be Number One: Paul Engemann
2. That's Enough: Giorgio Moroder
3. Take Me Home: Giorgio Moroder
4. The Rhythm Of Love: Giorgio Moroder
5. 'Til The End Of Time: Giorgio Moroder
6. Feel The Thunder: Paul Engemann
7. Love Will Find A Way: Giorgio Moroder
8. Bad Boy: Giorgio Moroder
9. Beautiful Day: Paul Engemann
10. Break The Rules: Giorgio Moroder
11. To Be Number One (Summer 1990) (Extended Version): Paul Engemann
12. Un'Estate Italiana: Edoardo Bennato & Gianna Nannini


The NeverEnding Story II: Soundtrack (1990)

WEA Records

  1. Searching For Fantasia: Robert Folk 
2. Dreams We Dream: Giorgio Moroder 
3. Heaven's Just A Heartbeat: Giorgio Moroder 
4. The Neverending Story: Giorgio Moroder 
5. Dreams We Dream (Instrumental): Giorgio Moroder 
6. Bastian's Dream: Robert Folk 
7. Falkor's Quest: Robert Folk 
8. Flight Of The Dragon: Robert Folk 
9. Silver Mountains: Robert Folk 
10. Morning In FantasiaRobert Folk 
11. The Childlike Empress: Robert Folk 
12. The Giants' Attack: Robert Folk 
13. Silver Lake: Robert Folk 
14. Xayide's Castle: Robert Folk 
15. Atreyu's Return To The Great Plains: Robert Folk 
16. Bastian's Lost Memories: Robert Folk 
17. Silver City:
Robert Folk 
18. The Neverending Story (Reprise): Giorgio Moroder


Forever Dancing (1992)

Virgin Records

  Carry On: Donna Summer
That's The Way (I Like It)
I Can See You Dancing
In The Name Of Love
Don't Leave Me This Way
So Long
Shame On You
Born To Be Alive
My Secret Wish
Forever Dancing
Shake Your Booty
Boogie Oogie Oogie
It's A Crime
Let's Take The Night
Samba Si, Trabajo No
I Feel Love
It's In The Book 
The Party Goes On


Déjà Vu (2015)

RCA Records

  1. 4 U With Love: Giorgio Moroder
2. Déjà Vu: Sia
3. Diamonds: Charli XCX
4. Don't Let Go: Mikky Ekko
5. Right Here, Right Now: Kylie Minogue
6. Tempted: Matthew Koma
7. 74 Is The New 24: Giorgio Moroder
8. Tom's Diner: Britney Spears
9. Wildstar: Foxes
10. Back & Forth: Kelis
11. I Do This For You: Marlene
12. La Disco: Giorgio Moroder


Tron Run/r: Soundtrack med Raney Shockne (2016)

Sumthing Else Music Works

  1. Run Program 
2. Run Program (Bibio Remix) 
3. Recursion
4. Invalid Path
5. Invalid Path (Darkstar Remix)
6. Delta Antliae (Invalid Path Revisited: Nicholls Remix)
7. Delta Antliae (Patten Remix)
8. 611 Time Out
9. 611 Time Out (Autechre Remix)
10. Decrypted
11. Memory String 
12. Memory String (Plaid Remix)
13. Parity Error 
14. Parity Error (Rusko Remix)